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Fryman wantlist.
Current list of cards/stuff/crap that I have. All lists have pics of the cards too. Thanks to all who have helped me expand my collection. Current card count = 860!!! out of a known 866 (I don't count 1 of 1's!, currently Travis has 75 of those, I own 11), grand total 941 cards!!!. Got 0 more card on the way. I also have 21 really oddball cards I don't list.

Hockey Wantlists

Brian Holzinger 330/339 with 0 more on the way

Much expanded Mike Johnson 456/500 with 0 more on the way.

Steve Yzerman .

Enter here for my Steve Largent want list as well as Champ Bailey.

Click here for my trade/sell list of cards.

Bad People List


Anthony Dovine     email:   [email protected]
ebay id is itisasecret

Yet another thief on ebay. Continual lies about the whereabouts of my card. He ripped off other people as well. I get sick of people who won't own up to anything and then continue to lie to you about it.

#1 Prick of the day, perhaps century: BRIAN REYNOLDS

email: [email protected]
ebay id is toohot4u
Badgers me for payment at least 3 times even though I had already mailed it immediately after the auction and told him this at the end of the auction. Then refuses my payment because it took the post office an extra day longer to deliver mail during holiday season. Most inconsiderate and irrational asshole I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If you question him he immediately blocks your email and doesn't allow you to bid on his auctions (NOT THAT I WOULD EVER RECOMMEND THAT!!!!!). Complete waste of time. I could go on and on and on, but I've already wasted too much time with this f'n idiot. If you want more details, I'll be glad to share.

John Johnson     email: [email protected]
This @#$!#$ still has not delivered cards I paid for after numerous attempts. He doesn't have a clue and is clearly not to be trusted or dealt with EVER!

Jeff Pratt This dickhead stole a card and my $$. He sells on ebay via [email protected] DO NOT DEAL WITH!

Nick Goff this @#$#% stole a card from another party and also from me. DO NOT ever deal with this person.

Federico Marquez [email protected]
This jerk sends me the wrong card and then promises a full refund, postage included. Gee, haven't seen that yet!

Travis Mills [email protected] still hasn't completed his end of a trade... it's only been 6 years or so. Up to his old crap again. Don't bother with.